Overwhelming vision

Overwhelming vision

You gaze at the world of your dreams

but all its colours are like blinding veils before your eyes

its melody is too overwhelming for your heart

if you listened for too long to it

you’d be afraid to lose yourself

and drown into the emotions and the pain

you’ve always tried to keep away

And yet you long for all these colours and this music

your eyes and your heart are tired of

the greyness and the dullness of your life

and so you try to push your fear away

and step into these promised lands nonetheless

It hurts your eyes and it’s scary

but you’re strong enough to cope with this pain

you shout and cry and laugh

trying to shake old layers of your body away

one skin after another the burgeon of the flower blooms

until one morning at dawn it uncovers

all its hidden beauty to the eyes of the beholder