Ghost wall

Ghost wall

The reality is not always what you expect it to be

you see a wall and think it solid and blocking

but if you could hear its thoughts

then you would call it a portal and not a wall

The reality around you mirrors your beliefs

if you believe it to be plain and dry and dull

then so it will be

and if instead you perceive sparks of mystery

and decide to ride the winds of your imagination

then you will discover bubbles of dreaminess all around you

seeming tiny and unimportant at first

but stretching endlessly once you step into them

and you shall discover that each soul has such a dreaminess bubble

belonging only to her

and the day this belief becomes real in your heart

you will start your journey to find this little corner of paradise

where you can be truly happy

unknowing that as your feet converge toward that place

you will journey too in the inner lands of your spirit

until you reach that place both in the spirit and in the body

for separate realities around you are only an illusion

you have always believed a truth

but once your eyes learn to see what lies beyond walls

you shall discover that the spirit is of this world

as much as the body is of the otherworld

and happiness lies into finding your wholeness

in all planes of existence

and bringing all the different realities

into a sole one that shine with the same colours

as those of your heart