Angel and devil

Falnë cannot accept any longer your terms

The men and women of my nation

do not agree with your way of doing things

You watch the world in a power hungry manner

and move people and cattle as pawns of your own property

and you are fast undermining

the balance that has always existed with the land

I cannot prevent you from leading Ychrentiyë to its own loss

even though I’d mourn very much such an occurrence in my heart

and I wish you listen to reason before it is too late

But I will not let you drown Falnë in your boundless ambition

no, Falnë wants none of your experimentation

Stop meddling into our affairs and trying to gain partisans to your cause

The motives that are guiding you are wrong

they are not based on the true love

that has been our forefathers’ legacy


I was speaking to you as wiseman of Falnë to wisewoman and tyrant of Ychrentiyë

but now I will let go of the formality and tell you

of all the despair in my heart that your behaviours are stirring

how can you so trample all what is sacred and beautiful

how could you ignore all my pleas and admonishments for so long

becoming even more enraged into the way you have engaged yourself on

if I didn’t know you as well as I do, I’d think you have lost your sanity

but you haven’t, you haven’t, otherwise I’d be insane too

you have decided to shut down your feelings, to forgo love

and throw your entire being into a vain research of truth that is not based on love

all your acts take their root in your wound that is putrefying

you have never pardoned the world to be born as an orphan, to have no parents

and need to fight all along your way to become the person you are

you felt you had a great potential and wanted to realize it at all costs

and now you think you are realizing it, but my dear let me tell you

you are living into your shadows, and each of your acts and each of your decision

is poisoning Ychrentiyë a little further

how dare you use the ë in such a way, to modify the genomes of plants and animals and men

to extract the sap of life from the earth and use it to power your infernal inventions

you think yourself clever and now you speak of subjugating the other nations who dare resist to you

with all the machines you have built and the half-bred that are now roaming your lands

and perhaps some parts of the world will fall to your wickedness, but Falnë won’t

as long as our hearts remain true to our truth you can do nothing against us

and all your attacks will bump against the shield that surrounds our land


But I’m still speaking to you as the wiseman of a nation, and not as the man who loved you and still loves you

many years ago you have cruelly rejected my love

entrenching yourself in your idea you could not be loved for who you truly were

but only loved out of fear, growing into the tyrant you have become, misusing your wisdom and your gift to torture and destroy and kill

and taking a wicked pleasure in writing me personally each time I wrote you, to further reject my undying love for you

I have seen your eyes and the true colours of your heart that have resonated with mine

I know what potential and what boundless love hide within you

If only you had been a little more loved

if only you accepted to be loved and cherished

if only you would listen to the echo my words awakened in the deepest part of your chest

but alas, you have grown insensitive

and you have stifled what you used to call your vulnerabilities, in which I recognized your higher self

I fear these words I am writing you will have no more effects on you than my previous letters and that you won’t even respond

Know that I will sing them too because I want every man and woman of Falnë to know

both the devil and the angel who dwell in you