Glazed eyes

Glazed eyes

Her eyes are widened and glazed

she is in fear, in so much fear

she’s not recognizable anymore

the sea of red is still pressing around her

but she has tried to surround herself in green

and keep the red away from her face

she has built dams and walls and harbours

trying to defeat the strongest winds

pools of blue surround her eyes

filled with all the tears she cannot shed

for she has dammed her sadness too

how can she get out from this prison

she has for herself built

how can she retrieve what hides in the unnamed red

how can she stop fearing the winds of her very soul

only love can transform her

from within it will work its way outward

lighting her heart and flowing in her limbs

before reaching her mind and her face

it’s a slow process where a golden yellow

infuses her in its tender and healing warmth

then, only then, will her barriers melt, her walls fall

and her heart start beating again in utter freedom

sending the music of her soul across her windpipe

to the outside world where her voice belongs