The fall of Ychrentiyë

Falling town

The truce that has been established long ago

is now broken and Ychrentiyë is under attack

the men are fleeing from the gate, faster, ever faster

but not fast enough to escape the birds of prey

that are falling from the sky like launched arrows

the sky darkens and the trees lose their leaves

as the city bleeds and smokes in red

Ychrentiyë was a place of knowledge and power

and it contained one of the largest libraries in the world

all its books, all the wisdom accumulated by the greatest minds of all times

are being burnt and reduced to charcoal

and nothing can be done to quench this fire and stop the disaster

The men of Ychrentiyë have been too greedy

year after year, they bent a little further the oath they had made at the start

until when their promise became an empty vow

and now the anger of nature is falling upon their heads

the town is burning and bleeding and is on the verge of falling

and once it collapses, all the surrounding country will fall into darkness

and Ychrentiyë will be wiped away from the world

like many other places which memories have already been erased

The women and men of Falnë warned their cousins the Ychrentiyë

of the danger of their thoughtlessness

but the Ychrentiyë waved all these worries away

calling the Falnë foolish and fearful

and they are now paying dearly the price of their lack of wisdom

For our sons and grandsons who will never know the Ychrentiyë

their islands lied in the middle of the Fyriyë Ocean north of Falnë

they knew well, too well, how to let the ë flow from their minds to their creations

and this is what has wrought their loss eventually

The ë hadn’t been made available to men to gain power and control over the nature

and seek riches in a greedy way

When the ë first flowed into our bodies, the voice of Falnë resounded in our minds

“Use this mighty force only in a pure design that will augment the world’s beauty,” our forefathers heard, “otherwise great calamities might fall upon the land”

and they itched these words in their hearts and passed them to us

But the Ychrentiyë who also were sons and daughters of Falnë as the entire world was

bent their vow and used the ë to gain technological supremacy over all others

their actions have not been without consequences

and now it is all of Falnë who will pay the price of their lack of forethought

The downfall of the world as we know it has accelerated

what is possible and real for us won’t be for our sons

and much of the ë won’t reach us anymore

as, by their doings and their beliefs, the men and women of the world have started building a wall between their bodies and their spirits

a wall surrounding the world and preventing the  ë  from flowing in

To be fair, it is not solely the Ychrentiyë who must be blamed for this evil fate that will keep the light away

most of the nations have disregarded the teachings of Falnë, and if they have not been wiped out yet simply because they are less crafty than the Ychrentiyë were

It will take thousands of years to let the ë flow again into the world as it used to

and many cataclysms will occur before this happens

for often humans learn their lessons from hardships and disasters

For the ë to flow again as in times of yore

the light of Falnë will have to shine in the heart of every man and every woman of the world

Under attack