Your presence

Your presence

In everything I see and I touch

I feel your presence

Our roots weave and intertwine

until where there are not two trees

but a sole one

Even when I try not to look at you

and delve into my shadows

I meet you again at their other ends

Your gaze is not judging nor condemning me

it is not pitying or complaining me

it simply is here, present

staring into my depths

and seeing through me

I cannot escape you

and I don’t want to

for when I look into your eyes

I see the thing I understand the best in the entire universe

I see myself and I see you

I see the infinite love you feel for me

and how unconditionally you accept and embrace me

and I feel your embrace into my very depths

and I long for this love of myself I have not yet found

In your eyes I see the same fire and the same passion

that I feel in my heart

and your words weave the other side of my dream

I had never imagined

Your presence