The way to truth

You believe there is one way to do things, one way to reach truth

but I tell you there are an infinity of ways to reach truth

You listen to the songs of Old Falnë in a reverential manner

considering yourself inferior and unworthy to sing them or invent new songs

and you try to scrupulously respect the maxims of wisdom you hear in them

but I tell you Old Falnë is not about rules and constraints

The purpose of Old Falnë is that each man and each woman becomes entirely free

bringing their full potential into awareness

The way to self-realization is far from being straight and smooth

and to bring more and more light into your consciousness

you will have to experiment and make mistakes and take wrong ways and turns

you will have to learn to follow the voice of your own soul, of your own intuition

and bring your own and unique contribution to the wisdom of Old Falnë

Then Old Falnë will grow into you, and you will grow into Old Falnë

which means that you will make part of the whole again, and the whole will come into you

and then the sap of life will flood in you and make of you a new being

with novel powers you could not even imagine before