The ë rages

Inside of you the ë rages

this infinite power of the universe

floats around your mind and your heart

eager to be grasped and expressed

Wait for too long

and you will feel withered and parched

and you shall despair of your lost inspiration

Rest for a couple of days

and you will be like a swollen river

flooding the plains of your spirit

and carrying in your stream villages and trees and rocks

unearthing without mercy all the false ideas and the lies

that had made their roots there

and then, for a moment, you will feel

the extent of your real power

and how little of it you use in your every day’s life

In you lies the capacity to paint mountains and to draw towns and embody life

in you hides the gift of world weaving

Listen to the ë as it builds up in you

do not try to contain or direct it

but let it blow freely and ride it without any more considerations

do not flap your wings when you are at the forefront of the storm

for the ë will grow strong enough to carry you in its stream

only when you trust it entirely with your body and your mind and your heart