Trapped child

Tree child

In you there is a trapped child

it tries to speak out its mind

and to move your heart

but you often behave as an irremovable tree

you don’t listen to its cries and its shrills and its laughs

and you start shouting at him

and strangling him

if he ever gets too annoying

As long as your inner child is muzzled

happiness will elude you

and your dreams shall remain chimeras

Your inner child has all the answers you seek

and you are looking for in the wrong places

For a moment silence all your thoughts and your fears

and try to listen again to the voice of your Dream

what is it you truly want of life

what is it that gives you pure joy

what is it that makes you happy to wake up every morning

what is it that makes you truly yourself

Only the day you will free your inner child

will you become the goddess you were born to be

The goddess of the forest