Twins 3

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As soon as you surrendered to the wings of death

you found yourself into the ocean of shapelessness

where you remained for a long time

you were aware of yourself, and you could remember of all your lives in the physical world

but despite death, you still could feel the pain and the emptiness in your chest

for a long time you remained in this state

until when, one day, you heard a voice that shook you from within

it seemed to be a voice as old as the world itself

a voice so strong it could make mountains crumble

a voice so soft it could play a melody with the strings of your heart

a voice so familiar it sounded like yours

but you had not spoken, you had not spoken

the voice resounded again and called your name

not any of the names you were called by in the world

the voice said your true name, your original name you had forgotten about

and you jumped, and suddenly your body took a more defined shape

and you found yourself floating above the ocean of shapelessness

everything had assumed sharp shapes around you, and you saw again the mountains and the sea and the sky and the light and the colours, and you suddenly felt glad to be there

the voice resounded again, in your ears, in your heart, outside and inside

and suddenly you felt wrapped into a very strong light that made you feel loved and cherished like you never had before

and then, just then, you saw his eyes, you saw him, just in front of you

you had never seen him before, and yet you recognized him immediately

for you saw your own face in his, you saw your own gaze in his

he was you, and you were him

he was the second part of your soul you had lost and mourned for so long

he was the man that had been promised to you since the beginning of creation

both your eyes moistened, and you came closer to one another, and closer still

and the landscape around you became filled with light as though you were a sun together

you had both journeyed on your own ways, never meeting and never suspecting the existence of the other

and yet your soul knew, for it instilled life in both your spirits

it knew one day you would meet again

it knew that one day you would return into the oneness of the rock bulb with an expanded consciousness

it knew one day you would stop feeling the pain of the separation, the pain of the wound where a piece of yourself had been torn off

After embracing your twin for what felt like an eternity, you looked around you

and you could see your friend, the man you had first met under the tree on the mountain peak

and he was embracing a woman who had his same eyes, and together they were shining in a thousand colours

and you waved to them, and they waved to you

and without speaking you could read in your betrothed heart everything he felt and thought

and there you saw only love for you, the deepest and purest love you could ever imagine

this same love you felt for him and for everything else

and it felt like the most beautiful moment of your existence

you now were truly happy, without the hint of a shadow

and you had entirely uncovered your gift too

and together you became goddess and god in the grand creation

and forever you shall continue to create worlds

and help new rock bulbs awaken to their divine nature


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