Helyë’s shining star


Helyë’s one of the shining stars of Falnë

In a proud white it rises

where the road of the sea

meets the road of the plain

and there, the Ummyë River flows into the ocean

under the Great Bridge that connects all that exists

and holds Falnë together

Helyë’s harbour welcomes ships of all sorts

coming from every corner of the world

barges flowing down the river from Afrë and Fikrië

and boats journeying from the north and from the south

its beacon lights the ocean’s dark

and when ships are lost at sea

they come take refuge in Helyë haven’s warmth

like a flurry of moths spending the night

around the dying embers of a fire

Helyë is here for all

and if your journey’s going astray

come ask the guidance of Helyë’s shining star