Mind moonstone

The moonstone is not a stone like any other

first you must know there are several types of moonstones

among which the mind moonstone

it is cut from deep within the mountain white

and it shines at night in bright

only wizards and witches

know to use it the proper way

A place built in mind moonstone

shall become a collective memory of all what happens

storing every thought that stems in that place

every word that is said and sung

All the mind moonstones that are assembled together

behave as one sole stone, one sole mind

What is the aim of so much trouble, you may wonder

Mind moonstones will help the world go forward

by forging a universal pool of memories and knowledge

from which each man and woman can draw at will

However that will happen only when

the wisdom of Old Falnë shall spread to all

and when the minds of men will be truer to their hearts

For now mind moonstones are still half-dormant

and beware, if there are no witch or wizard to take care of them

they might from time to time stall

overflow because of all the contradictory information they have stored

and when that happens everything goes dark

the moonstone does not shine any longer and it fills itself with ghosts

dark shapes embodying undigested memories

these shapes can do no harm, except scaring the weak of heart

and after the moon wanes and waxes in the sky for a few times

everything returns to the normal

and the mind moonstone starts shining anew

Long will be the time before a moonstone web connects the entire world

but such a grand work is worth many a sacrifice

and if you can see the moonstone shine

then know it is your duty and your honour

to bring more light into this world