The man and the woman

The man and the woman

The man and the woman watch one another high in the sky

they dream to bind and blend their energies

and become the perfect circle they were born to be

but the winds that in their wakes rise

clash and push them apart each time they try coming closer

slapping them in the face and stinging them in the heart

where it is the most painful

and each time the man and the woman retreat in a flurry of broken feathers

swearing and cursing against their counterpart that hurt them in such a grievous way

And now they understand, they understand they can only watch one another from afar

without trying to move any closer

otherwise they will be stabbed and hurt

They console themselves by exploring their own depths

discovering craters and valleys and underground lakes of fire

and they strive to make their lights brighter and more colourful

to communicate from afar without needing to confront the deadly winds

and with the sweet melodies of colours and light they will together sing

ensnare their guardians the winds in a very deep sleep

and rush into one another arms to become the star they dreamt of once

and when the winds shall awaken again

they will have no other choice but blowing around the newborn star

and bowing before its shining splendour