Water town

One of the lost cities of Falnë was

a water town at the feet of high mountains

overlooking the ocean from its seat

Several rivers flowed down from the mountains

and the town had been built on their banks

made of several cities interconnected

with bridges and boats and birds

Each of these cities was inhabited

by a different order of wizards and witches

these were the most powerful men and women

who ever lived in the world

With the sole force of their thoughts

they could give a new shape to matter

and within their hearts they could speak to one another

without the need for words and even at great distance

These witches and wizards had built Isplendoriaë

with their own crafts, and each part of the town

looked different from the other

some neighbourhoods were built in quarried stones

while others were built in wood

sometimes using piles over one of the river, or floating directly on the water

there were parts of the city dug into the rock and under the riverbeds

and other places were grown within living forests and grottos

and there was so much more that words cannot tell

Isplendoriaë was a town of wonders

and you could get lost there for days

However as the world started changing

Isplendoriaë like so many other places

was hidden from the eyes of men

and its lore was lost in the graves of our forefathers