Dancing stillness

The soul of the ocean

Have you ever been in a place where everything was silent and still

did you ever feel so frozen you thought you were dead

and yet in your stillness you could see

the entire world move around you

and grasp perspectives you had never thought of before

Have you ever dreamt instead of travelling

together with the clouds and the waves

over the immensity of the restless ocean

where nothing ever goes still

Have you ever thought of dancing in tune

with the music of the world

and flapping your feet and your wings and your fins

as naturally as you breathe

Then you have experienced the two states that are and aren’t

you have been dead, and you have lived life

and you have learnt about the boundless confines of your soul

and now what remains for you to try

is marrying life and death, truth and love

and becoming who you were created to be