The shadow

The shadow

A shadow fell on the land and on the heart of men

what was green and pure and bright became spoiled

this shadow did not have a physical form, it could not be seen

and it could not be escaped from

and the entire world started changing after it came under influence of this shadow

In the remotest of times, some men and women of Old Falnë had sailed

carrying not in their ships but in their hearts the wisdom of Old Falnë

and in their minds they had all stocked all of its knowledge

and they helped founding the other nations of the world

Vatana and Gondzig, Vilnen and Vanar

Melroel and Alfar, Namuzaj and Janarlak

Telezch and Atriano, Bahalouzk and Min Shiflik

Lorn and Oorling, Barnabau and Zuug

Each nation had a sacred duty

Where tribes had lived in isolation and darkness

the sailors of Falnë had brought light

Falnë did not try to conquer or enslave people

as other nations now behave

Falnë was there to awaken people to their true nature

Falnë spread the word that each man could grow into a god

and each woman could grow into a goddess

And at first, for a time, peace, balance and enlightenment started reigning all over the world

The sailors of Old Falnë had completed their tasks

and had returned home, their hearts full of hope

But things did not go as they had wished

When old superstitions had prevented tribes from doing much harm

now that Falnë had showed their superstitions false

there was nothing anymore that could restrain and contain the greed of men

for the teachings that Falnë had given them were all about love and beauty and creation

and there were no fears, no threats

but these men were not ready to follow love and beauty of their own consent

and soon wars started erupting between the new nations that had been created

endless squabbles about land and gold and power

and all the teachings Falnë had imparted them were soon forgotten

Not all the men living in these lands were bad, but there were enough wicked men to spoil them all

and make them fall into the fear to survive

Shocked and desperate by what had happened, the sailors of Falnë tried to return to the nations they had founded

but they were not welcome anymore there

and they came back even more afflicted as nothing could stop the harm that was spreading

When Old Falnë had been immune to fear and doubts before

they had lost part of the strength of their faith

because of the consequences of their actions they had believed for the greatest good

and thus what had been perfect and strong for centuries

suddenly grew weaker, and the shadow started afflicting Falnë as well

We, sons and daughters of our forefathers, do not possess their strength and their faith

we still have the ability to sing new songs, but there are fewer of us in every generation

and soon this art will be lost as the other arts that have already disappeared

Younger Falnë will continue singing the old songs without understanding them

and then, even the memory of what Falnë once was will start to fade

We can do nothing to change or stop that

for we are much weaker than our forefathers were

and much of their wisdom has already been lost

even our new songs have grown less powerful than the old ones

soon we will lose even our language and our glyphs

and the world shall grow poorer and darker without them

Why to continue singing these songs if all is hopeless

you may wonder, you grandsons and granddaughters of Old Falnë

the truth is hope is never entirely lost

and perhaps in future times, after much destruction and evilness occur

there will be a rebirth and a renewal

and our words will be stored in your memories and in your hearts

to help you bring about love and beauty and wisdom once again

and avoid committing the errors that were once made

When that time will be ripe

you will know it in your heart

but it will take ages before it happens

and meanwhile all you can do is live and sing

Never forget the hope that is stored in our words

Never lose that hope, for it shall brighten even your darkest days

Life was once bright and happy

And this world that now resembles a purgatory or a hell once was a heaven

And so it shall one day be again