Fire and water

Fire and water

Who are you

do you burn with fire

or do you quench with water

do you crave fresh air to revive your flame

or do you need solid land to be contained

are you instead a parched desert in want of rain

or a frozen cloud who’s been abandoned by the winds

In times of yore, a Falnë was all of that and more

in times of yore, an understanding existed between the land and the man

and that same understanding existed within the man

in times of yore fire and air and water and earth

were all present in equal measure

both in the man and in the land

for it was a world of beauty and balance

But, alas, the old is getting lost and forgotten

and the new has forsaken all values

the land is drowning and burning where it should have thrived

and blackness and death are looming around

For us, last remains of the old world, it is the end

and all what we can do is leave our legacy

or our despair, in songs to be sung

in songs to be forgotten

dissolved in dust, scattered in the winds

farewell, farewell, our daughters and sons

when you shall hear these worlds

we will be gone

the last and weakest of the Old Falnë we are

we should already have departed

but we were too afraid, too scared to be swallowed by death

and so our tale is not one of glory, but one of cowardice

know that even Old Falnë could be wrong

know that even Old Falnë could know fear

for this is the legacy we leave to you

our brothers and sisters have sung of their wisdom and glory

before taking their leave, and we have been left behind

left behind to complete their grand work