Enchanted self

Enchanted self

For a time almost endless

for lives and lives

you will roam aimlessly across the lands

looking for all sorts of treasures and adventures

gold and moonstone and philosopher’s stone

you will look for glory and admiration and acceptation

you will seek the extraordinary and the ordinary

trodding your way painfully

and galloping proudly your hair in the wind

fair and ugly, young and old, loving and vicious

you will experience it all

without knowing what you are truly doing

and why you are there

and most importantly, who you are

on and on you will go and journey to foreign lands

and rejoice of the old and the new, the past and the future

and fear them too

knowing that you are looking for something

but without knowing what exactly

is it a thing so brilliant it will make you blind to everything else

is it a thing so small you cannot find it

or so large you are contained into it

you go on and on, without a clue

oh, sometimes you think that if only you had a wife

if only you had plenty of silver and gold, if only you had a bit more to eat

you’d be happy and content

but you never find that happiness that keeps on eluding you

and you never set your heart and your mind at peace

and one day you understand you are looking for happiness and peace

but where to find them, where to find them

and you wonder if there are such things in the world

or if it’s only a chimera of yours

and you go on and on, on your endless search

on and on and on along paths you have already explored

and paths you have yet to discover

you pass from excitement to despair, from elation to discouragement

sometimes you feel you have been walking in loop

other times you feel that the green meadows you are looking for are at a hand reach

but your feet never reach to these meadows, and if they do

the grass and the flowers wither around you

and you’re left there alone surrounded by death

and so you go on and on, crossing deserts of sand and boundless stretches of water

you climb the highest mountains and go down into the deepest valleys

and still you haven’t found what you were looking for

And one day you wake up

and suddenly you understand

you understand that you’ve been looking for happiness and peace

everywhere but in yourself

you are the last part of this world you’ve not explored and discovered

you are an alien still to yourself

and now you don’t know from where to start the hardest journey you have ever undertaken

for a long time, you search for yourself, but you don’t find any door, any window

and if there are they are locked and do not have a key hole

you search and search and search

until one day you give up and fall in a long sleep

And when you wake up again

you find yourself in an enchanted place you have never visited

you wonder where you are, and you marvel at all the beauty that surrounds you

you have never seen so much fairness and light and sweetness all at once

you walk there thinking you will be disoriented and lost

but strangely you are not, and your feet seem to know exactly where to go

your hands seem to know exactly which fruit to eat and which herb to pick

you arrive on a small hill covered with orchards and gardens

there is a small pond too, with a white swan swimming on its blue and green and purple waters

and you ask the swan, ‘what is the name of this fair place I am in’

and the swan looks at you for a moment, then she looks at the water

and you come closer to see what she is looking

and suddenly you see your own face reflected in the water

you have never been so beautiful and true

you recognize your gaze, the light of your eyes

and suddenly you understand, you understand

you are in your enchanted self

you are all what you have dreamed and wished for

you sit down close to the pond and remain there

looking at all the beauty around you, within you

all this time you had been journeying, you were looking for this place

you were looking for this state of heart and mind

you were looking to wake up from the nightmares and the dreams of this endless night

you were looking to embrace the new day that you knew would come

and you could do nothing, nothing, to bring it about faster

For all of you who are seeking

the new day is coming, it is coming

all you can do while waiting for it is to continue seeking

and one day, you shall find your enchanted self

and then it will all look like a blurry night of sleep where you had had

many a dream and a nightmare you don’t remember well

Rejoice, for this day is coming soon, sooner than you would expect

and then you shall forever be into your enchanted self

and from there you shall shine of a thousand lights

and watch over the thousands of universes

and be who you were born to be, created and creator

man and god, woman and goddess

Rejoice for you will soon meet your enchanted self again