Burst of power

Burst of power

As you seek your true self along your own path

others will seek their own truth too

and while you walk toward the centre of the forest where you are directed

other men and women of Falnë will take steps mirroring yours in their own forests

journeying toward the same centre where you are headed

and as you all come forward on your individual paths

a new form of knowledge and power will slowly build up in each of you

like pillars of light rising from your heads and all meeting in the place you all are seeking

and when you will all arrive at the same time

in the centre of the meadow where the spring of love flows

you will feel that you are of the same mind and the same heart than all your newly met companions

and a whirlpool of energy and light will form around you, within you

and with that power and knowledge dancing in your limbs

you shall instil the world with a new wind

that breaks nations and burns lies and cracks falsehoods like thawing ice

and then, only then, will the reign of Old Falnë be restored

which means that every man will be king and every woman queen