Fië’s legend

Fiës legend

A long, long time ago

when the world was still young

a daughter of Falnë had been captured by Zamri pirates

these savage men needed young virgins to offer in sacrifices for their gods

and instead of choosing them among their people

they stole them from other lands and brought them chained

Thus by a fair morning these men had landed on the shore

and taken the young woman apart from her family

Fië, that was her name, and she was said to be the fairest woman of her village

his father who had tried to defend her they had killed

her mother and her little brother had tried to come after her abductors

but it was too late, they had already climbed aboard their vessel

and soon they disappeared over the infinity of the ocean

and Fië was forever gone, or so they all thought

They landed at the very south of the isle of Zamr, in an accursed place called Al-Zolom

there, they held their sacrifices each year

each year they built a new mausoleum in the middle of desertic plains

and once it was completed they brought the young woman to sacrifice

and all the tribes of Zamr came south to Al-Zolom to witness that holy tribute to their gods

and receive their blessings

And so it happened for Fië

when she arrived they told her it wasn’t yet the day of the sacrifice, as they needed to wait for a night of full moon, two days later

they attached her to a tree in a way she could not free herself

right next to the mausoleum they had built her

and the next morning they explained to her that the night afterward

she’d have to walk into the mausoleum and they’d enclose her there

she’d be left inside to her fate until she would succumb to her fate

and when Fië started crying they told her she needed to be proud to be a sacrifice

and they told her she’d forever remain into this grand house of stone they had built for her

and that she’d be venerated by all Zamris for one year

The same night as Fië was still tied to the tree she couldn’t move

and she started shivering because nights are cold in the desert

and because of the despair she felt

she was to spend all the night and the day alone, confined into the silence of the desert

before the ceremony of the sacrifice, and no one was to come close to her or talk to her

she was alone, alone to her fate

she raised her head toward the sky in desperation

and thus she saw the palm tree above her head that was ruffling quietly in the night breeze

there were some clouds, and the almost full moon was hiding behind them

offering just enough light for Fië to guess at her surrounding and the palms above her

She focused very intently and tried to greet the tree in her heart




Fië focused very intently and tried to greet the palm tree to which trunk she was bound

it reminded her of the palm tree close to her house in Falnë that gave the most delicious dates she had tasted

but nothing happened, and her sudden hopes faltered and her heart fell

she started sobbing again, and no one was any close to her to dry up her tears

no one was there to offer her words of comfort

The next day she would start and thirst in the heat and in the loneliness of her heart

and when the sun would set and the world darken she would enter the mausoleum, the tomb

from which she would never get out

Her who so liked the sun and the moon light, the wind, the rain, the hail, the sea and the sight of mountains

Her who was born to be free, would died enclosed, walled, in stones

That was unfair, unfair, and Fië started crying again for a long time, tortured by her own thoughts, by her anticipation of the tragedy to come

But after a while tiredness washed away her worries and her tears, and she fell asleep

Fië was a daughter of Falnë and the spirit of the land was with her

and in her sleep she did a strange dream

she was walking among pillars and pillars that seemed like the avenue of a gigantic temple

but in fact each pillar was a tree

and their boughs formed vaults and ceilings and walls and bridges

there was a river that streamed across the temple

Fië could not jump it and did not want to dampen her clothes

so instead she went to the closest tree that had low boughs that formed like a stair

she climbed on them, and soon she passed into another tree from the other side of the river

and she found there were paths into trees too, and other smaller trees that grew into them

she continued walking above the floor on the tree branches that were amazingly regular

and she contemplated the beauty of the pillars, the trunks, the held the vaults above her head

it seemed to be neither night, nor day

there was enough light to walk and admire this strange building that was a forest

Fië continued walking suspended in the air on the tree path

until when she reached a point where the path was interrupted and there were stairs going up into an enormous tree that had a trunk as large as a house

she started climbing into that gigantic tree, and each of her step was effortless

she climbed and climbed and climbed and the tree stair seemed to have no ending

until when she reached a small platform built around the tree with many boughs that sprouted in all directions

she was still far from the tree top, but from there she saw all the forest she had crossed

and she was awed by that view, the forest was endless, and she had never seen trees as tall and broad and mighty and beautiful as these were

there was a uniformity between the trees and yet each one seemed different, by its foliage, by the colour of its leaves and its bark, by its shape

After looking at this spectacle for a long time, she walked around the giant tree on which she was and she found another stair that would bring her down from the other side

she looked behind her and saw that the stair from which she had climbed had disappeared

or was it this same stair and she was going to return on her steps?

Strangely Fië did not worry at all and just started going down the stairs at an even pace

she went down and down until she reached another tree road that she followed

then other stairs going up, then again another tree road

and suddenly the view under her changed, and instead of seeing boughs and canopy she saw a milky substance that resembled fog

she went on and on, above the fog on her tree way admiring each tree as she passed, paying more attention to the scent of their leaves and that of wood, and the dampness of the air

she walked on and on until the fog disappeared under her and revealed an endless stretch of water

but somehow the trees continued to sustain her, they had boughs long enough to bridge the water between them

Fië walked on and on and suddenly the realization grew in her heart that she was returning to her land, she was returning to Falnë

and when she woke up, she was no longer attached to the palm tree in the middle of Al-Zolom desert on the isle of Zamr

but she was under the palm tree that grew in her garden close to her parents house

and when she understood where she was she ran there and found that everybody was mourning her loss and her father loss

and when they saw her a large part of their grief faded away and they marvelled at how she had escaped and returned

Fië did not reply to that, but in her eyes they could see something had shifted

they could see she had seen and been through things few mortals had experienced

Meanwhile in Zamr, the sun was setting and the tribes were surrounding the mausoleum they had spent so many efforts to build and the lonely palm tree that was close to it

and suddenly someone shouted that the Sacrifice had disappeared

and then everyone was shouting, marvelling

She couldn’t have gone anywhere, at a great distance from her they were all sitting in a circle that closed itself around her and the mausoleum

she couldn’t have escaped her bonds

Some people started shouting it was a miracle, it was their gods who had decided to take her for themselves alive

that the prophecy of old had been fulfilled, that prophecy that told that when the gods would find a virgin with a heart pure enough, they’d take her as their spouse forever

and stop requesting the sacrifice of other girls, it was a very old prophecy, and almost everyone had forgotten about it

but suddenly all the people of Zamr started singing and shouting, and that day became a holy day

and they never captured again young virgins

In Falnë instead, Fië became known as the one who had escaped from Zamr and put an end to their pillaging raids

she was loved by everyone, but she remained very quiet all her life, and never married

and always had a sort of loneliness, of sadness, in her eyes

and every year she came and greeted the palm tree of her garden when it was laden with dates

and she ate a single date, and made a wish in her heart

a wish no one would ever know about but herself