All year round dried chickpeas are eager to be cooked

soak them in water one night long

and the next morning throw that water away

rinse them once before setting them in the pan

and fill the pan with water to cover them

Whatever vegetables grow in your garden, you can use

and the more, the tastier

In winter you can complement the chickpeas with

an onion, a red beetle, a potato, a celery

and two or three carrots all cut in pieces

and cooked all along with the chickpeas

Don’t forget to add a bit of pepper and a laurel leave

and a bit of rosemary or sage if they are still green

and a spoon of raw salt from the Fyrs sea

In summer instead you can add with the carrots an eggplant

a tomato, a potato, a peperoni and a zucchini

without forgetting the onion and the aromatic leaves

But if you plan to keep the chickpeas for two days or more

avoid the zucchini for its life is short

When the chickpeas cook, you can leave them on their own

They are quite disciplined and won’t get the water out the pan

nor burn and stick on its bottom

you can let them dance in boiling water for an hour or two

and taste them once or twice to know when they’re juicy enough

to be eaten, appreciated and digested

If many men are coming back hungry from the fields

you might think to add another recipe in the same pan

some raw rice, or some entire wheat, or some barley

you can also add brown or green lentils, or red and white beans

for this will make your dish even more filling and invigorating

Chickpeas like to be served warm

and they always love a sprinkling of olive oil on top of them

they are wholesome and will make any child grow strong