The first forest

The first forest

One day, a rock fell from the sky into the earth

and as it could not fly, it sprouted in the moistened soil

and the first tree was born

The tree grew and grew, striving to reach the sky

trying to return whence it had come

And year after year it blossomed when the weather turned fair again

Its garlands of flowers became clouds of winged seeds

that the wind carried and sowed all over the land

Soon little trees were sprouting everywhere

all trying to return home and find their heaven

from where had come the original stone

And thus the first forest came into existence

on the Ummyë plain of the realm of Falnë

between the holy mountains of Hië and Dië

a new form of life was born


And soon the forest spread over the entire land

covering plains and hills and mountains

According to their fancies, trees assumed new shapes

broad or narrow leaves, needles and thorns

when they were too cold, they started dropping their leaves

or instead they developed a thicker coat

And when the soil was too rich or too poor in this or that mineral

they changed the colour of their leaves and their bark

and thus came into existence the red and yellow and blue and purple forests

The trees were sentient and clever, and they knew instinctively

how to behave to be in balance with the air and the soil around them


It is only much later, when humans lost the wisdom they once had

cutting the oldest trees when they should have respected them

that the forest lost its mind because of the pain

so many trees were in so much pain that their silent screams

were like horrible screeches in the ears of other trees

and in order to survive trees preferred to shut their ears and their minds

and stop thinking and shifting forms, as they had in times of yore

Slowly the most sensitive and beautiful forests died

while the most sturdy ones remained, but they were now frozen

trees could still reproduce themselves with the seeds they produced

but they had lost their ability to change form and metamorphose

And that’s how humans started to impoverish the world around them

losing access to the oldest living libraries that existed

as trees could no longer remember and tell the story of the land around them