Remember Old Falnë

The world once was

quite unlike how it is nowadays

we are the oldest relics of the ancient world

but we will soon be gone

and then the memory of how things were

will slowly fade away

until everyone believes the world has never been different from as it is today


That is why we are making songs of all our lore

as Old Falnë had once told to the first men who came

so that our sons and grandsons may sing these songs

around fires at midsummer fair, and in the middle of winter cold

huddled around their hearths in their houses of stone

We cannot mark these words into stones

nor cast them into iron

but we will engrave them in our minds

transmitted from father to son

these words will stay alive

and will be kept safer than ink on paper

as fire and wind and water

won’t be able to destroy them


From mouth to ear, from ear to mind

these words will travel

as pure gems ever shining in the light

untouched by the flow of time

and the passage of seasons

remember these words my brethrens

keep Old Falnë alive in your hearts

for one day, in a long, long time

this knowledge will save the grandsons of this land

Sing the songs of old and dance around the fire

Sing the songs of old while tending to your nets and catching fish

and while ploughing the land and planting wheat

do not let the knowledge of Old Falnë pass