What is right and what is wrong

How to distinguish what is right from what is wrong

How to know what is good for you, and what is bad

Is there even a notion of right and wrong, of good and bad

These questions have kept you troubled for a long while

and they now deserve to be answered

Some things, such as harming someone else, your conscience does not approve openly

and so you know they are wrong

Other things, such as loving others, your conscience approves wholeheartedly

and so you know they are right

Many things fall into a gray zone where your conscience doesn’t give you a very clear answer

and then you are at a loss

for instance, the pleasure of eating a rich meal or finding a new sexual partner might be very strong

and since you are skinny, and you are not involved into a relationship, none seem particularly wrong

however, after the initial pleasure passed, you will find yourself heavy because of the meal, and you will all day long imagine the pleasure you will have the next time you have sex awaiting that moment with anxiety, and thinking of little other

these are pleasures that come with a more or less heavy toll

you are not actively harming anyone, but if you do that every day, you are indeed harming yourself, and preventing yourself from reaching your full potential

All actions that bring doubts or regrets afterward contain something that is untrue, because you are not being whole while performing that

eating and sex are necessary to survive on Earth, however they can hamper your growth if you do not manage to find your unity while performing them

eating only what your body truly needs means listening to your body

having sex with only the person you truly love, so that when it occurs the realm of your body comes into fusion with your emotional and mental realms

and instead of being a draining unproductive activity, it becomes something beautiful and powerful because it helps bringing different planes together

Each thing you do, always wonder, is it bringing me happiness and quietness of mind and heart

or is it bringing upon me clouds of anger, anguish and fears

If you want to be entirely true, if you want to fulfil your dreams

steer clear from fear, and focus on what makes you feel loved and loving

Don’t forget that all the answers are inside you

and that happiness will blossom from within