Carving my dragon

There’s a beautiful metaphor that Robin Hobb used in the Farseer Trilogy

That of carving a dragon feeding him one’s memories

At the end, when the dragon is completed, the man has lost all his substance, and he becomes one with the dragon

sometimes several men and women are needed to create one sole dragon

The dragons are also called the Elderlings, and they are mighty warriors that will save the Farseer nation from destruction


I am now carving my own dragon by writing my first novel

I am using all my experiences, my fears, my wounds, my anguishes to give substance to my words

and by doing so I am heightening and revaluing all the mundanities I have lived

I am turning gray and ugly things into beautiful words

I am transforming my anguishes into pillars to base my worlds upon

It is the work of a chemist, or an alchemist, that of an artist and a wise man

Slowly I am using and consuming everything that is dark in me, until all is light