Everyone is God

You divide and classify the world

between the people you love and those you appreciate

the ones who jealous you and the ones you jealous

the ones whom you dislike and those who have harmed you

But the truth is there are no foes and friends

when you look at the deepest root of each and everyone

you discover that we all share a bond

not only are good and bad people all part of God

but they also are journeying together with you on the meandering paths of life

there are many paths, but dreams and destinations are all in the realm of love

The fear and the anger you might feel today

the persons you may curse along your path

are after all the fuel that makes you go forward

it is conflict and misery and pain and sadness

that give you the drive to plunge into yourself and find a renewed strength you didn’t know you possessed

in the deepest part of your heart know that even the people that you find hateful are not your enemies

they will perhaps go as far as harming you in this life, but they are helping your immortal being progress on the path of self-enlightenment

they are helping the divinity in you grow and expand

until you will recognize all around yourself as your own creation

and you will feel a compassion so deep that you will cry not only for your friends, but also for your foes

and hug them and be hugged by them, and laugh of all what had happened in the past

for you had helped one another to reach this place of love and eternity where you now are

there is nothing sweeter than letting this compassion flow in your heart

look into the eyes of each and every one and feel their suffering that are guiding each of their acts, and beyond it catch a glimpse of the beauty of their soul

imagine this same person one day as full as compassion and love as you are, imagine this same person as a vulnerable child who has grown in a bitter world

and get rid of all the grudges and jealousies and judgements you still hold to, preventing you from being truly happy

let go of everything, and let the ocean of love surrounding your heart bathe the walls of your innermost town

and let the waves melt the walls and transform them in sunny fields where wild flowers grow

kneel down to be as short as when you were a child, and discover the beauty of each flower from inside, its soft play of colour and its fragrance

and marvel at how many different species of flowers there are, and how you had never noticed them before, stirring and awakening memories you thought forever gone

Give me your hand, and let’s walk in this field of wild flowers together

let’s bring back in unity what had been divided and separated long ago

let’s bring back in harmony the yin and the yang of the world, the sun and the moon, the day and the night

let’s dance a dance of heaven and create new wild flowers and songs and stories that have never been told

let’s be together, for that is where we truly belong to