In the heart of a storm

In the heart of a storm

Long ago you’ve been taken in the heart of a storm

it was so frightening you decided you never wanted to live again what you had lived

to love and have your loved disappointed in such cruel a manner

and so you surrounded yourself with the highest walls you could build

and waited in your castle for years, not happy nor angry, nor sad

you waited until my eyes could read in your heart beyond the dams you had trapped your emotions with

and in their turn they reflected to you all what you didn’t want to see of yourself

that was frightening and you fled away from me, avoiding desperately to look into my eyes

to find yourself, all you had lost, in them

but no one, as skilled and cunning as you could be, can escape such a storm endlessly

the storm agitated the air and the clouds and the sea until all your town was besieged

you tried to go on, pretending everything was still fine, and you succeeded for a while

with a heavy toll on your body, your body that knows when you are being truthful to yourself and when you are not

your body that cannot suffer in silence endlessly, and eventually cries out for your soul’s help

and when the body fails, the mightiest walls and castles you may have built fall

and you retrieve yourself naked in the middle of a storm, with nothing to hold on but your truth