For my current self, there are things that are right

and others that are wrong

the former bring me balance and happiness, making me feel in harmony with myself and others

the latter bring me distress and emptiness, making me doubt everything and you

that is how I can distinguish the ones from the others

how I can determine which attitudes are helping me, and which ones are not

for me writing you is very important

for you, being in complete silence is as important

therefore I should write you while respecting your silence

writing the letters in the sand, for you to read only if you will

and otherwise let the waves swallow them and renew the beach of sand in the next morning

as though nobody had ever walked there

that is the power of sand, that of being so malleable each day its history starts over, each day is a new birth for it

why aren’t we like the sand, infinite, eternal, and renewed every morning

why don’t we let the waves of the night take away our worries, and fears, and grieves, and grudges

why isn’t each new day a brand new page to write in complete freedom

instead of being a mangle of past regrets and future hopes and present discomfort

that is what I pray for, for you and myself

may each morning be a new glorious page to write

may we be like the sand of a beach, with the history of infinity inscribed in our atoms

and a shape so easily molded that we shift and dance in the wind and the waves