Sinking town

Sinking town

The town is slowly sinking

in an ocean of green

forests, bushes, hills and pastures

are rising and covering the built

a few buildings are still lit from within

standing above the deep waters

but soon everything will be gone

everything but my home

There I will stand, like a survivor in the midst of a storm

not recognizing the landscape surrounding me

as everything I’d known will be gone

instead of churches and towers and walls

there will be trees bristling in the wind

with the sound of waves on a sea shore in their foliage when the gale is strong

everything will be destroyed and renewed, but me, but my house

and even if the lands around me will be unknown, they will bear a strange familiarity

and when I will climb again to the attic room of my heart, I will find a map

the map of all the pastures and forests and mountains around me

and I will find a book, a book that once was so familiar to me

a book when I turn the leafs, words become real and surround me

a book with some blank pages with stories to write

an infinite book that is complete but never can be full

and then I will fully understand how the walls, the towers and the buildings

protected me indeed, but prevented me from seeing all the infinity around me

prevented the sun from warming my heart and casting its lights upon my mind