Retrieving a sliver of you in my heart

I walked along the lake

as though I were walking back to the past

one creek after another

old feelings and memories were unearthed

tiredness and despair dampened my mood and slowed my walk

I often sat and lied down in the grass, to think, to rest, to avoid drowning

when I arrived in the theatre of where old events once unravelled

I visited each place where we had met, where our soul had brought us together

the places where we had talked our hearts, and the ones where we had avoided one another

Since you are far, far away, in physical distance, but also from my heart

I realized the best way to renew my feel of you, the best way to retrieve a sliver of you in my heart

is to go over the ways of the past, to read again the words you had written me, to remember the words you had once voiced, the feelings you had tried to express

and once I had retraced my steps, I found my heart considerable lighter, because a sliver of the moon that has been absent for so long is shining anew