Galloping horse

One day I woke up hopeful

all the odds were against me

and your very words still haunted my heart

I am not the person you think I am, you had said coldly, before departing

and yet I was hopeful and warm


That day you cried for the first time for yourself

and some of the outermost barriers you had built around your heart broke

and some of the lands you had regained were flooded

and during a moment you felt free, entirely free

and you tasted freedom like someone who has been caged for so long

and when you starting singing a new song of freedom

my heart started galloping in my chest like a horse that has been freed from his ropes


The incredible freedom you felt was short-lived

as the walls that remained around your heart shut their gates closed and let their bridges crumble to allow no movement in no movement out


For more than one year we mined these walls together

until now everything is set and ready to let the mines explode and the remaining walls fall

and in the wake of the explosion a gigantic wave, a storm of tears, will carry away and clear the rubble