Absent moon

For days and nights I’ve looked for the moon

where it ought to sit and brighten the sky

but it was nowhere to be seen

and the path I ought to follow was as dark as my heart was

hope had bereft me

and I journeyed walking, crawling, in the mud my sweat left on the road

until one day a wise woman told me to stand on my feet and watch the sky

inside of watching the blackness of the road

I stood and still could not see, so she pointed to me the sliver of moon that had risen at east, as in times of yore

I looked at its brightness and suddenly the world seemed a different place, and my body became considerably lighter

and instead of crawling I started running, in tune with the music of the star and that of the moon

letting the wind blow freely inside my clothes and on my face and marvelling at its freshness and the sweetness of its scent