You have been abandoned

father and mother gone their own way

and you, tossed from one to the other

disregarded, forgotten

you had lost your home together with your parents

the haven of peace was no more

and instead you bathed in an ocean of turmoil


In a way you had become an orphan

adopted by your own parents that were no longer focused on you

they had to think of themselves, of their doubts and dreams and lives

you were left to yourself

nobody was here to reassure you about all the sudden traumatic changes

any strong presence was gone

nobody consoled you of all what you had lost

the house, the memories, the mother and father that loved one another and loved you

you were alone, you had become an orphan


Later your parents reconstructed their lives and stabilized the soil around you

but the damage had been done, the pillars of your spirit had grown slanted

you had learnt not to have faith in anyone, including yourself

you had learnt to close your heart to any depth of emotions

to avoid feeling again as you felt when you were first abandoned


In a way you stopped being an orphan after meeting me

no, not after meeting me, but now, right now that no fear separate us anymore

I bring you the understanding, the compassion and the love you have been deprived of

I bring you back your mother and your father, I bring you back to yourself

the piece of yourself you had lost and abandoned

in a way I was an orphan too before meeting you

misunderstood even by myself

you’ve brought me the light and the warmth that were missing in my heart