Hurting you

For years, you have taken my affection for granted

you spat over and over on my love for you, often acting as though you didn’t care the least bit

and I remained by your side, always ready to console you

to give you my hand and my words


My love for you wasn’t perfect, because I too had my own fears

but I always tried, I always gave, much more than I received

And now you’re surprised, surprised and hurt that I dare dismiss you in my turn

that I dare trample what is the most precious for you

I did it, and I’d do it again if I felt it was needed

because for once, I want you to feel as I have felt all along

wronged, wronged, and disregarded, and unloved


Now I want you to recoil, to be shocked, to feel betrayed

I’ve burnt all the letters you have ever sent me, one by one

these words, so precious to my heart and yours are forever gone

I acted out of spite, but I also acted out of love

in front of a heart so frigid and dammed as yours

there’s only one way to force down doors and walls

only one way to pierce through the defences standing between you and your happiness