Shadow Town

Shadow Town

The shadow of a town lies at the horizon

it’s quite large and impressive

and can’t be ignored even from where I am

as it towers above everything else


The sky and the moors are vibrant with colors

their texture is rich, diversified

I see grass and bushes and trees and the entrance of a precipice even

the only thing that does not fit in is the distant ghost town

squared and dull and uniformly colored it is


What’s real and what’s unreal in this vision of mine

am I part of the plains and the sky

or part of the shadow town


As I breathe in the scent of lavender and thyme

as I listen to the little birds song

a realization strikes me

I am the child of nature

and the distant town is a mirage


I am a tiny piece of love

and shadows are distant illusions taking a lot of room

hiding the truth of love from my eyes


All what is dull and ugly, all what is uncomfortable and frightful is a shadow

anger, sadness, jealousy, pain, are all shadows, illusions

they are just here to make me understand something beyond

but they are not real, once I see them for the mirage they are

for the truth and the love they hide behind and beneath

and then I become free among endless pastures

free to grow into myself and to love without shadows