A world without joy

A world without joy

How is it to live in a world without joy

a world where sadness, anger and apathy reign

When you forbid yourself to love

then you deprive yourself of many colors


Look at these heaps of mingled sadness and anger

all cooled down by pockets of apathy

how much brighter it would all look

if they were lit and warmed by the glowing color of joy

how much more fulfilling tears would become

when they wouldn’t only be tears of helplessness

how more interesting your life would become

if you opened these windows you have enclosed your heart with

breathe the air of the mountain and the sea

feel the tender caress of a sun ray on your naked skin

inhale the salty breeze of the sea and the sweet nectar of flowers

don’t you miss all these pleasures of life

why then do you deprive yourself of them so obstinately

why do you want to cling to fear, fear that obscures everything

fear that makes anger and sadness so dull and repetitive

fear that makes your days colorless and joyless