Realm of Rainbow

Realm of Rainbow

I’m walking inside a rainbow

this place has a solid quality to it I did not expect

there are blazing, arid steppes and plains ranging from red to yellow

farther lush green mountains bound the horizon

and the sky is of a deep blue bordering on violet


Each emotion is a color

each emotion should be accepted, lived, understood, taken care of

each emotion is telling a story

is showing you a landscape from a different perspective, through other lenses

each emotion is teaching you something about yourself

even confusedness and oppression must be embraced, welcomed

stifling them won’t bring any good


And now that I accept most of my basic emotions

I’ve stepped into the realm of rainbow

a place I didn’t suspect existed

I’m journeying and the path is still long

toward the beacon of white light

superimposing and blending all colors together

weaving them in rays of true love

manifesting the divine light in the hearts that are wise enough