Focusing on what is

For too long I’ve focused on what isn’t

instead of focusing on what is

For too long I’ve spoken and written about shadows

instead of living in love


Shadows are unreal and they are ever shifting

there is no hard comprehension, no truth, to be gained from exploring them

The only way to stop being tempted to fall into them, to live through them

is to do learn doing the right things at all time

that is something that becomes intuitive when I am living through love

it happened to me in the past, to feel this endless creativity and boundless compassion

but then I forgot about it, and slipped back in old patterns that are still clinging to my skin


There are two interrelated faces that love can take in my heart

my correspondence with you and my writing novels

two things that have eluded me for long

two things that would make my shadows dissolve as they reappear