Sinking and Rising

Sinking and Rising

The ship where I’ve journeyed for so long is sinking

it is burning over the water

its debris slowly sucked in the depth, disappearing one after another

leaving an empty carcass that will soon be gone on the surface


I was standing on the deck when the ship started shattering

the wood melting under my feet as though it were thawing ice

I expected that moment to arrive, and I feared it a lot

because of all the cracks I had heard within my ship in the last year or so


And now I’m still standing on a piece of wood that is still afloat

I’m not afraid anymore, all what I need to do is remember how to flap my wings and fly

It won’t be easy, but I’m ready, or at least I’ve never been readier than I am

to depart from the ship and embrace who I truly am, this graceful creature that moves effortlessly through the airs, going wherever its heart and the wind take her

she’s still alien to me, but all my dreams are filled with knowledge of her

colors and scents and shapes of how my inner world should be and have not been for too long