Follow your own way

Listen to your heart and its whispering dreams

even if it makes no sense at all

even if it contradicts all what you’ve learnt

listen to your heart


There you will find your truth, your truth that is different from the truths of everyone else

and once you start uncovering your truth, you cannot stop midway

you need to embrace your dream with both your arms

even if it makes you walk on a very narrow path surrounded by cliffs, continue walking

don’t fear the heights, the pull of gravity

close your eyes and walk on, go forward

and if you fall life will give you wings to come down the valley unharmed

walk and trust to your heart

no matter how long this journey takes, don’t count time, don’t count money

just let your faith in life carry you

and be ensured that one day or another you will reach your own piece of eternity

where times loses its meaning and money is replaced with love

meanwhile don’t let material worries stop you

life will provide you with all what you need