The Mythical Connection

Twice in the past I experienced something I did not think possible in my youth

back then I had always dreamed to write but didn’t know from where to start to write a lengthy story

five years ago I experienced the Connection for the first time, without knowing what it was

My mind was suddenly teeming with inspiration fueled by my heart and I could work tirelessly day after day to achieve my dream of writing a historical novel

I had energy to read book after book about the way people used to live, think, move, eat three, four hundred years ago and to recompose the missing gaps in my mind in a land where information was missing and the life three hundred years ago resembled that of two thousand years ago

Two years later, I experienced the Connection again, and this time it was even stronger

Each day I woke up with excitement, and each night I went to sleep reluctantly

every single thing I saw around me was an inspiration

there weren’t any more dull and interesting moments

all my life had become fascinating, and I had never been so happy

it was not an intellectual interest I was experimenting, but something deeper and greater in a space where heart and mind agreed together

as though the missing connections between these two organs had been reestablished

as though during those moments you and me were connected together

During those times I could do things that otherwise are unthinkable for me

but the strangest thing is that once  I started experiencing the Connection, I thought it was my norm

I thought I’d always feel like that

How very wrong I was

I could experience the Connection only because our energies bridged for a moment, draining you to let me experience for a moment a sliver of how it’d feel once we’d be truly reunited

a sliver of the creative power and the inspiration to come

Since, I’ve lost the Connection, and I’ve been looking and looking for it without knowing where and how to find it again

but it isn’t very far anymore I believe