Journey of Life

Journey of Life

More and more I learn to rejoice about my journey of life

and I’m able to see the true colors of my surroundings

which fills my heart with love and contentedness


I am journeying toward the magnificent realm of my dreams

but the views are pass are fascinating and I can hear the whisper of love everywhere

in the rosemary my fingers scrub and the wild thyme bushes my feet skirt

in the lullabies of birds and the gleaming colors of their featherings

in the majesty of fields stretching to the horizon and in the sense of magic they bear

there’s so much to witness each passing day of my life that I forget to count time

so engrossed am I by all the new and familiar places I visit


And in my heart my love for you swells slowly, fears ever receding

more and more I can think of who you truly are, of who people surrounding me truly are

not the bleak face they sometimes offer to the world, but their profound nature of love

each flight of bird, each strolling cloud in the sky acquires a new meaning

and I understand that nothing is left to chance and chaos in the symphony life unravels around me


May I share this beauty with you tonight

May I wish you to find your peacefulness of heart and mind as I have found mine

Sit down in the garden and breathe and rest and listen to the faint music playing in the background

Can you hear it, can you feel the caresses of its notes in your ears

can you see its beauty impersonated by everything that surrounds you, and everything that lies within you

the perfectness of creation that echoes within your heart, that fills your breathe with its heavenly scent

Relax and enjoy your journey of life