Red Terror

Red Terror

The sky is bleeding red

and I’m trembling before this fear


Old things were dormant in the mountain of my soul

I felt their effect on me

but I ignored their existence


I try to focus on the calming effect of green plains and hills around me

but I can’t quiet my trembling

I’m afraid, too afraid

I try to plunge my eyes into the lake

but I’m nauseated and can’t turn away from this terror that has sized me


Is it the fear you felt that I am now feeling

am I sharing your burden to help you cope with this otherworldly fear

if you were that afraid I understand why you acted as you did

oh I understand

I’d want a bit of peace of heart at any cost

my throat is thrumming with all the contained emotions there

and my limbs are shaking, letting the cold permeate through all my body


What lacks to me is faith

faith in this love

I try to close my eyes to see your face

but my eyes start shedding tears

the back of my head cracks

I quiet a little bit, but I think it is only a lull