Unconditional Love

Perhaps this is the moment when unconditional love makes the most sense

you’ve pushed me and blocked me over and over and over

not because you hate me, or are annoyed by me

but simply because you fear me as part of yourself

and now I have grown so much in strength

I can love you even right after the wave in your wake has slapped my face

I understand why you are fleeing, why you are rejecting me

I salute the loyalty of your friends that had assisted to our last encounter

when you had rejected me, and they had taken your part

in a way, love has several ways of manifesting itself

we are true love incarnate for one another, but sometimes true love can be harsh

and so other souls nearby to you will give you the comfort, the reassurance

until you grow into yourself and are able to confront that harshness without shying back

recognizing the tenderness underneath

and that’s the part your friends played

all along I’ve been upset against them for taking your side blindly

but they did well to stand close to you, because you needed them

and I could not reassure you in your terror

as I was myself terrified and hurt and in need of reassurance

For months you’ve escaped, depriving me of your love, depriving yourself of my love

and you’ve been just as miserable as I’ve been

but also finding a renewed strength and confidence in yourself

your current choices are dictated by your fears, but also by my blockages

all what you are doing is a mirror of who I am

of the fears I still need to fight and defeat

of this gap in knowledge I need to bring light to

and become able to love myself and the entire world through my love for you