The tree of lies

The tree of lies

My head is thrumming with pain

and I have trouble focusing

on the verge of drowning in lies

why to resist

why to swim against the current

why not let it carry me once more

carry me to oblivion and rest

in a place where my sufferings are forgotten


This despair I feel is yours, oh twin of love and truth and shadows

it’s your own despair at being unable to stop fleeing from yourself

your own despair at blocking me once more

at depriving yourself of the love you deserve


How to return you your rightful emotions

how to bring you to feel all the weight and impact of your acts

how to make you share this dreariness with me

this dreariness you block because you’re afraid

Emotions are essential, it’s time you start living all your emotions

and stop sharing them with me in the process of repressing them


You’re not ready, you will say to yourself

not yet ready yet to confront the truth, accept it

not yet ready to love and be loved

but when will you be ready, when

when will you stop fighting yourself, this beauty and purity in you

and instead embrace them

when, tell me when

until then you won’t have a moment of peace, of true peace

you can continue to lie to yourself, to see the reality you want to see

and your spirit will continue to be fogged in lies

lies, lies, lies all around


I must have the strength to be myself at all times

before you too muster that courage to confront your deepest fears

and it’s more easily written than done, so tempting are the whispering lies of shadows

so empty am I feeling

and yet I’m fed up, fed up

of falling again every time

of not being able to be my true self

of trapping you in the same pattern, of being trapped by you too

stop it

let’s stop that


today of all days