The peak of storms

The peak of storms

As the winds rage around me

and the cold batters my face

I’m immune to the storm

and rejoice at being at peace inside while the gale screams


We’ve been walking for months

and now we finally reach the peak of storms

and while I’ve waited for this moment all along

you’ve shied from it and tried to pretend you were journeying on a peaceful plain instead, or on rugged hills perhaps


Nothing had prepared you to the awe and the terror

of arriving up this peak with a view on all the valleys and hills and villages and rivers extending till the ocean

and the storm above our heads that rage and will break in us all what is untrue


And that’s why you’ve blocked your ears and closed your eyes

never listening to any of my words

a truth you were not ready to take in

a truth too sharp and bright that would kindle a storm within you

my words were the very words of your heart you tried to block

and you kept me out, desperately, inventing yourself justifications for doing it

you hated me, hated me, for creating a tantrum at your door, for challenging you within your room, within yourself

and that anger helped you build unbreakable barriers

but each wall will fall someday

and now I see the first cracks

cracks from where the breeze will engulf

and break you down

not you, the impostor pretending to be you, the false parts in you


I now understand how painful my words should be for you

some fair, some in exaggeration

I thought you were the one to hurt me always, by pushing me away

but I now understand that I hurt you too, I hurt you with the potency of your own truths that eat into shadows