Bridging the gap of self-knowledge

Why are we so afraid to be abandoned

not to be loved

Why do we need a constant stream of reassurance that yes, we are loved

why do we get upset, angry, sad when this correspondence interrupts

when we’re left on our own, surrounded by a silence that weighs of sorrow


A shadow, related to the emptiness existing within us

an emptiness that must always be filled with affection, with reassurance, with tenderness

otherwise it aches and stirs and pushes us to agony


We are slaves of this emptiness

an emptiness here to guide us, but not to enslave us

all this pain and sorrow and anger I feel stem from a doubt, a fear

because this emptiness is an illusion, we are whole within, but we don’t know it yet

for we don’t fully know ourselves

once our self-knowledge becomes all-encompassing this gap retreats, disappears

for it has an existence only in the shadows we have not explored yet


There is no physical gap within us

only a gap of information, of knowledge

not all our spirit is uniformly lit

but with our consciousness we can kindle all the lights there

and chase away the shadows


To do that we must first accept, understand

that we are complete within

we relish in the company of others

our loves ones, our friends, our soul mate, our twin flame

but there’s no gap within us

alone we’re a single star shining in the sky

together with others, we become more powerful, we produce more light

but we don’t need the lights of others to actually shine

we don’t need the positive reinforcement, the affection, the words of anyone

to be truly ourselves and be happy in observing the universe around us

and in feeling the hydrogen burning within our heart and producing so much heat and light

to share with all the plants and the trees and the animals growing in the garden of our spirit


We are complete, complete

and the key to be whole is to understand that this gap, this need, this craving we feel is unreal

it’s a shadow, an illusion, a doubt, a fear

Have faith in life fairness

if you still feel incomplete and tired today, it’s simply that your knowledge of yourself is incomplete

accept this feeling of aloofness, which is illusory

embrace it, dissect it, understand it

and once you understand there’s nothing to fear in ignorance

and that by chasing fear away a large part of what was hidden reveals to your eyes

then you come very close to completeness

very close to real permanent happiness

a happiness that accepts life as it is

a happiness built on something strong within, and not on surroundings or people around

and once we achieve that state, all the rest will follow

not only will the gap within us disappear

but also the gap between us, between you and me, between us and society

will be bridged

for this gap we feel with others

is but a metaphor, a mirror, of the gap we feel within

a lack of understanding, of ourselves and themselves

once you know yourself entirely, everything becomes clear

you can entirely empathize with each and every human being on earth, with animals and plants too and rocks and storms and whatever else you choose

you put yourself in their place and know intuitively, feelingly, why they are and act the way they do

self-knowledge is powerful

it happens when love and truth blend together, becoming one single notion