So this is what you’ve been hiding all along

so ashamed and afraid were you to show

your inner weaknesses to the world


Look at the color of rust your wound has assumed

and the dried blood

and the grayness of the skin around


How could you live for so long

with such a dead weigh on your heart


There’s nothing to be ashamed of here

this wound is not part of you, it does not define you

it simply is an accumulation of all the miseries you’ve been through

in this life and in previous lives

it’s more like a parched soil in dire want of water

that will sew up and renew once you will let

the splattering rain of the clouds above your head

penetrate into the deadened plains of your heart

And this long sought water will do wonder

it will bring all the colors you have dreamt about for so long

all the music and the songs you have been deprived of

and the sap of beauty will run again in your veins

and from your pen to the paper

that you will infuse with the essence of your soul


But first, this wound needs to be aired

shown to the worlds, to the people who care for you

show them how much you have suffered

all this grayness deadening your emotions

you could not even fight because you didn’t know how

a helpless child before the hardships of life

with no one to understand or see

what she was hiding, endearing within


Look into its wavy patterns

and try to find the beauty lying in it

in a way it resembles a recoiled dragon

who has been dormant all along

don’t hate your wound, don’t hate your weakness

no, accept them, love yourself for who you truly are

vulnerable and strong, innocent and wise


And tell the little rabbit

he must not fear anymore the dragon

for one day they will run together

in the open pastures