The Green Ray

The green ray

When I was a teenager

I used to dream to see the green ray

It is said that a mysterious green light sometimes appears over the horizon

as the sun sets in the sea

but it’s quite a rare occurrence

and when it happens before your eyes

it means you will shortly find true love in your life


This evening for the first time I’ve seen the green ray

not over the ocean as I’m surrounded by mountains

but in the watercolor I was painting


And now I’m sharing with you whom I love

and as your gaze touches upon the green ray

may your heart start beating at another pace


I don’t want you to fall in love with me as that will come in due time

The spell I’m casting upon you is to fall in love with your true self

so that you will start doing everything that pleases her

obeying all her injunctions and her intuitions

carefully listening to her feelings even when you’re afraid of them


For a moment watch the green ray at the horizon

Close your eyes

and smile to yourself

and let that wisdom rest in your heart

the knowledge you’ve found true love tonight