A better person

My father used to tell me when I was a teen

Even if you’re idle during five minutes, you can put that time to good use

And I nodded, but never succeeded in turning that philosophy into reality

I didn’t even try hard

for I wasn’t motivated enough by what I was doing

I lacked love, my creativity was hushed

and when something strong in you is trampled and ignored

it turns against you, under the form of a mental haze and discouragement

idleness too, and it can go as far as making you sick if you ignore the needs of your soul for too long

And now for the first time, I have my first exhibition in a quarter an hour

but I’m barely thinking about it, because I’m just focused on the present moment

on channeling my creativity into words instead to sit idly just waiting

Writing during these times that used to be dead give me joy

because I have this sensation I’m reclaiming lost time like many towns have reclaimed the marshlands around them

I feel powerful, I feel I have become a better person